Sunday, September 17, 2006

Eh? Is for Canadian Food Day! Hurray!!!

I (Tim) planned DAY 1 of Eh? to Zed. After much thought, I decided that today was CANADIAN FOOD DAY! To which Laura responded, "Great let's go to CostCo and buy some." It doesn't work that way in this Vancouver, so we assembled an assortment of perogies. These are also in celebration of our returning our broken bathroom scale to the store. Gone is the washroom troubler. It is unfortunate that Fattening Fried Foods is not for several weeks.
We quickly discovered that perogie planning is best done well before hungry time. By the time we had mixed up the dough, smashed a healthy batch of potatoes "Please don't dill me!", rolled the dough, plopped the potatoes, folded, smashed, boiled and fried we were tired, grumpy and above all hungry. Hungryiness breeds forgetfulness and we barely got a picture of the little beauties before they were eaten all up.
To make this occasion a little more interactive we have included a picture. How many 'A' things can you find in it? Artichoke? NOPE. Aardvark? Not likely.
Follow this link for pictures we took last week.

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  1. Okay, how is Canadian food day start with an A. Either you all need to review the alphabet or I am confused.