Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good Job Guys

It looks like everybody is getting the hang of this, especially Jerry and Patti *shudder*. So stay tuned after August 20 for the next installment of where in the World are Laura and Tim. It should be loads of fun! In the mean time, check out the Recipe Blog.


  1. This is so cool you guys! Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us who are back in the trenches now.

    You did such a terrific job of making your wedding and reception a reflection of your personalities - good for you both!

    I'm going to be canning peaches, tomatoes and apricots all weekend - a herd of moose couldn't drag me back into the car again this summer!

    Patrick got 5 inspections passed on the house while the girls and I were gone so I had to forgive him for not going to the wedding with us! Hope you will too!

    Love Bon & Crew

  2. It's great to read the comments people leave on our posts. We look forward to driving into a town big enough to check our blog and hear from family.