Monday, August 21, 2006

Honeymoon Ho!

Honeymoon Ho!!!

We're off!! We've hit the road and are making great time. After a brief stop to off-load the birdseed & rubber gloves, we beat a path toward yonder horizons. The car has made quite a statement. Visually - lots of honking and waving and video footage by familiar faces! We must have intersected the Ramos' flight path home! Audibly - with all the coins in our hub caps/bags/water bottles, we've turned into rolling jingle bells. Olfactory - the car smells funny! It reminds Tim of a camping trip - the grassy meadow on which he slept turned out to be a field of wild onions. He woke up to a hint of dead something in the trees. Speaking of trees, thanks Patti, your evergreen air freshener has permeated all our belongings with chemical freshness! Thanks to all of you who decorated the car - the get-away kit was salient and the christmas lights elicit the question, "do those really work?"

All the yummy food this weekend makes us wish we could bring ya'll along to cook for us on the road! The reception was more than we could have asked for - thank you all for contributing and making us feel so special. We had a blast! We're looking forward to seeing your creativity displayed on the guestbook scrapbook pages. We want to thank everyone who helped make our big day a success - from coordinators to decorators to clean-uppers. BIG thanks goes to our parents who did more than their share of work and loved doing it.
Finally, thank you to our thoughtful Pastor for making sure we signed the marriage license on the way out...that was a close one!

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