Friday, November 16, 2007


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We decided to try a short camping adventure with Peter for the first time (if you don't count the backyard in Vancouver). We picked a real good time.

We arrived Sunday night about 8pm. It was calm in the valley. When we got to the top of Tiger Canyon it was blowing about 20 miles an hour. I setup the tent, we piled in and tried to sleep through the howling, banging uproar. Around midnight the wind increased and by morning it was more like 40 miles an hour. Laura had to sit in the tent while I took it down around her so it wouldn't blow away. During one gust she might have gotten some air.

Later that morning the wind picked up in the valley and dropped several large branches in the park behind our house. One of them was holding shreds of a kite that got stuck up there 4 years ago. My buddies at the power company were really busy for the holiday cleaning up after the wind.

Camping with Baby Tips:

Check the weather before you leave!
A foam changing pad makes a great sleeping pad, and very convenient for midnight diapers.
Put the baby to sleep near Mommy and Daddy's head (easy access for feeding and changing).
Put the baby in fleece pajamas, if he kicks off his blankets, his toes won't freeze off.
Keep the diaper bag in the tent.

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