Saturday, March 15, 2008

Evicting Mickey

My Bunny Suit Here I am suited up to "protect" against Hanta Virus. I was given the dubious honor of evicting mice from a little metal box out in the middle of a wheat field.

The black belt holds the PABR (Powered Air Breathing Respirator), an impressive looking piece of junk that blows filtered air over your face. The filter is good for particles larger than 300 nm across. The deadly Sin Nombre virus (carried by 10% of mice in this area) is 47 nm across. The trick, it is supposed to filter out dust coated with the virus. Either way, the best feature is when the battery quietly dies leaving the poor guy inside recycling breath until he can figure out why he can't see through all the fog on his mask.

This is the second time I've cleaned out the "mouse house" and the last. Next time I'm calling an exterminator. About 2 weeks (normal incubation for Sin Nombre) after each cleaning I get sick.

By the way, I was wearing the appropriate gloves though they aren't in the picture.

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