Friday, May 25, 2007

The Joys of Sleep Deprivation (Birth + 5 days)

It is amazing how unsleepy I feel even when I only get about half of my normal amount of sleep! I even wake up promptly at 7am. If I were to lay down for a nap, I would be hardpressed to actually fall asleep. I tried it today. It took about 20 minutes of just laying there before I finally drifted off into a very sound slumber and woke up a few groggy hours later. Despite not being sleepy, my mind is playing strange tricks on me. I can't keep track of pronouns when I'm talking, often interchanging he's and she's. I also can't compute time. Laura and I had to sit down and think hard to figure out how old our baby was today. Fortunately Laura's parents are taking real good care of us and even giving us the luxury of a nap now and again. SNOre....

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