Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Sabbath (Peter is 6 days old)

Be careful what you ask a new father or mother. A casual question, such as "How are you today?" or "Watch ya up to?" can have unintended results. Namely, TMI or Too Much Information.

To illustrate why, lets talk for a minute about the lifecycle of a baby. It's real simple. The generic version: Poop, Scream, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. We're blessed that the screaming has been minimal, so far. Anyway, sleeping is boring, especially if the parents have half-a-brain because they should be doing the same thing (we don't). Pooping and eating are actually fasinating but to the uninitiated the gross factor for things like Blowout Diapers and Breast Pumps is high and the TMI flags come popping up quick.

Another epiphany I had was the reason new parents don't get much sleep. Only half the responsibility rests on the baby. The rest falls upon the strange new mommy hormones. This morning was a great example. After enjoying 5 hours of sleep (interrupted with only two, hour long feedings/changings) Laura wakes me up at 4:30am. "Timmy the birds are singing and it's pretty outside, let's go for a walk!" Our last walk was yesterday or the day before (too tired to care), it was pretty much a slow dirge of a meander around the block. Today was different, a  2 mile frolic to the park, laughing all the way. Must be hormones... Guess who is going to have a hard time staying awake during the sermon?

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