Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to civilization...

We are pretty tired of driving, but we're hanging in there as we toodle along! Today we drove another 5+ hours stopping for a yummy lunch at a place where Laura's dad used to take her - he called it "Senor Toad". We took a quick tour of the town and then drove on. We found one of Laura's old cliff-jumping spots and made some big splashes. The only thing putting a damper on Laura's enthusiasm was fear of the fabled lake monster! Tim grabbing at her feet from depths unknown didn't help. Our appetites found us as we climbed back up to the car and we made a beeline towards the best Thai food restaurant in town. We thoroughly enjoyed the food, especially the deep-fried bananas for dessert. We drove part way up towards the local ski resort to our final B&B - it turned out to be very nice, with little Christmas lights and cute decor. For Laura's relatives, does this house look familiar??


  1. I think I can see the Ogopogo monster in one of your pictures.

  2. Hey cousin, we've been following your progress throughout the last couple days and it seems like you've had a lot of fun in Golden and in the Kicking horse white water. and I think you went up to Mcbride for the weekend and to Mt. Robson for a hike and a splash in the lake. Now I believe you stopped in Kamaloops at Senoir froggys for a little mexican, and you must have shown Tim your old house in Vernon and done a little cliff diving in the okanogan lake, hope you guys are haveing a blast on your way back south. much love, your Canadian cousin and family.

  3. Good grief Laura Kyle - that was 17 years ago! 2335 Rosewood Avenue, (Kamloops) (navi)'gator Laura!

    The Boa-Thong Thai Restaurant is still operating? Lucky for the newlyweds!

    Not bad form Tim! Good shooting, photographers!

    Bets that the Honda wants a longer park fairly soon, too!