Monday, August 28, 2006

We apologize. There are no pictures for this poignant scene. Pictures would not have done it justice. Bright and early Sunday morning I took Laura out for a canoe trip on Hidden Lake. The trail meandered for 3/4 of a mile down a wooded hill. The lake was covered in a romantic fog. The songs of ducks and loons echoed across the water. Lily pads and ripples from feeding fish spread across the calm waters. The owner had constructed a ramp to launch the nearby canoes. I chivalrously offered Laura the seat in the rear of the canoe as he slowly pushed it down the ramp. Unbeknowst to me, there was a slight discontinuity at the end of the ramp. In slow motion, the canoe rotated around its central axis. I became aware that I was surrounded by the beautiful blue water and knew I was in deep weeds. I screamed and blubbered and shouted for Tim to help me!!! My feet were stuck in about 2 feet of muck and I had lost a sandal. Big boo-hoo. At this point, there must have been smoke coming out of my ears. Not only had I warned Tim of this possible misfortune, but I had trusted him when he said I wouldn't be getting wet and it would be ok to wear my warm fleece jacket and new sandals. Once I dislodged my feet from the weeds and sludge and got back onto shore, I was ready to trudge back to our cabin and get a nice hot shower. Would you believe what came out of Tim's mouth next?? He had righted the canoe, emptied it of the slimy water and wanted me to jump in again and continue our "romantic" escapade. Being the perfect picture of a submissive wife, I carefully climbed back into the canoe (which was appropriately in the water this time) and we managed to push off and stay right side up. When Tim was satisfied that there were no wild things to observe (I had long since scared them all off with my screaming), we headed back to the bank, teeth chattering and knees knocking together. It was a long walk home. We composed a Kylaurian chant that goes like this: "Don't go canoeing with Timmy unless you want to get wet! Don't go canoeing with Timmy unless you want to get wet. He'll tease you, he'll splash you, he'll throw you in! Don't got canoeing with Timmy unless you want to get wet." After cleaning, warming and attitude adjustments, we hurried off to breakfast at the Kruger farm (Phyllis and Bob). We scarfed down plenty of whole-wheat pancakes, local berries and Orondo applesauce and enjoyed sharing wedding stories and looking at pictures. Here's a picture of us with the tractor. Next on our agenda was a mountain bike/hike up to a famous lake named after a famous guy who had a famous partner named Donald "Curly" Phillips. It was a bit of a grueling uphill climb, but made for a fantastic descent! Tim skipped rocks, went swimming in the lake and we both enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


  1. Kinney Lake! Beautiful! Mount Robson is behind! Good clues.

    Tim, you get 100% for trying (early morning lake excursion!) Very unfortunate the canoe tipped! Laura, you pass the test of a submissive wife!

    Was it Phyllis that used to live in Armstrong, Laura? She married a farmer (named Bob) I think, from that area. Nice tractor - you all look real proud of her! Laura, you're missing your shovel though (Norman Rockwell / Green Acres show!)

    We're very entertained, as usual!

  2. Hi you guys. We are enjoying your trip.

    We just finished looking at all your wedding pictures at
    I thought they turned out great.

    If you come home through Orondo there might be some ripe nectarines.

  3. "American Gothic" revisited! It's a good thing you guys can extract a good chuckle & guffaw from your adventures...others might be prone to turn around and head home. Sounds like you're busy and having a blast, I'm SO glad! Greg & I wish you many more memories and happy trails!! Love ya!