Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Sabbath

We woke up this morning and discovered our new living quarters had a stove, but no oven. Our Sabbath morning muffins were in jeopardy! Tim broke out his backpacking oven for its inaguaral run and cooked up a big muffin cake! Blueberry yogurt and muffin cake go well together. Even if its a little extra brown on the bottom. We visited the closest Adventist church in a town that had no significant road access until 1970. People were very friendly - nearly every family invited us home for lunch. It's a good thing, our lunch plans consisted of leftover dill Doritos and hummus. Instead, we settled for mashed potatoes, patties, veges and a yummy huckleberry dessert. After lunch, we attended a baptism in the Dore River - my calibrated big toe read a temperature of "moderately cold". The country environment made the event extra special. The Adventist circle didn't let us down. We found connections with nearly everyone we talked to. Laura's grandpa (Rick) is quite the celebrity in these parts. Between his work at Lamming Mills and the bookmobile, his reputation precedes him. We took a quick self-guided tour of Lamming Mills - it raised a lot of questions in our minds. The washtub player invited us to vespers. Who can refuse an invitation like that? we sang lots of good old songs from Advent Sings (? - the old green and yellow one...) led by the surprisingly abundant and talented youth group. We wrapped up the day in the cabin with a Jiffy Pop (hey Mom, I didn't burn it - well kinda...), some canned apricots and a handful of tiny wild blueberries that Tim picked out in front of our cabin.


  1. Sounds like Canada gave you Sabbath hospitality Alaskan bush style. Sounds like a wonderful day. Glad we are good sleuths.
    Love ya!

  2. Yeah, more great pictures! Those were the days, as they say! How special to be there a century later (well, almost!) and even attend a baptism by the Dore River!

    Those were the Pizza Pops? Little turnovers filled with pizza toppings? Yummy, even if they are a bit overdone!

    Laura, your Great Grandpa Rick had lumber interests in Lamming Mills when it was a thriving community, and your "highly esteemed" Grandpa Rick worked there with him in his youth! A great place in its time!

    Then the O'Lennicks moved there from Winnipeg, looking for a new frontier, and Grandma Rick and Aunt Myrna, although older at the time, managed to make some lasting memories from their days there as young people! I remember a few stories, vaguely - Freddy chasing Myrna or Phyllis, which was it? I'm sure Grandma Rick can provide the details if you twist her arm!