Saturday, November 4, 2006

G is for Getting Ready for Winter

Good Morning to the Krazy Kyles. What a Great day to be alive.
Tim Got up early and after Bible study went into the Garage to work on his projects for a few minutes.
We had a quick breakfast and headed for town. Winter seems to bring on a terrible case of Kyle Kraftiness, and we must Get ready. As if our Great stack of scrapbooking supplies weren't enough, we purchased a sewing machine.
It's a wonderfully computerized machine from Costco, but Laura is still suspicious of sewing machines that talk back, especially when she is trying to paint. I was sewing through several layers of denim and instead of breaking the needle, it shakes a few times and says beep beep beep, Error 01. After a couple times of that Laura growled that if she hears that beeping sewing machine once more she was going to throw both of us out the door!
Which brings me to another point, there is something a little different about Laura lately. All she seems to do is sleep and eat. She tells me to get used to it. She's also been wanting the strangest foods. Who's heard of pickles and ramen?