Monday, November 6, 2006

Hopefully humorous...

Him and Her were much Happier today! Having a change of scenery really Helps...even if we did Have Hurricane-like weather conditions. We spent the weekend down in Lincoln City, OR with one of our friends (Hero of Her classroom). We'd tell you Her name, but it isn't "J" day yet...

We began the day with Hugs and Hand-Holding, then went down to the beach for a little sand Hopscotch and Haiku writing. Here's what Tim came up with:

Writing Haiku in the sand
The waves a brass band
My music will disappear

Pretty good, eH?

We thought about Harpooning a whale, but the opportunity didn't arise.

We gave up Hamburgers for Thai food, even if it didn't start with "h" - it sure Hit the spot!! So, the day went by quickly, no time for Hayrides, Harmonica playing, Hang-gliding, or other Hazardous Happenings...


  1. What happened to the hyperlink to this page from the home page?

  2. Hey, what about hula hooping and helping to grade hilarious homework? I don't know, but thanks for coming and for your help! :)