Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's Friday, it's Friday!!

Guess what? We're driving again...and you thought you knew where we were!! The drive was beautiful. Highlights included mountain goats and big horn sheep and more beautiful mountains and lakes that you can shake a shutter at. We did our share of shutter shaking. We are downloading the pictures now and it is going to take awhile. We stopped at Bow Lake to go swimming. The glacial blue hue makes the water appear deceivingly warm. We continue to get turning heads, honking horns and funny looks. After a quick stop at the intersection of Cedar Ave. and Patricia St. for free internet access we headed for a restaurant for some biofuel. Portabello Ciabbata sandwiches were a surprising find out in the "bush". We topped off with a shared triple scoop ice cream waffle cone including Laura's favorite "Tiger" flavor (orange and licorice). We met some friendly farmers finding our new "hidden" digs. It is hard to Google Map "general delivery".


  1. Licorice and orange--hmmmm! Yum??

    Nice pics.

  2. Looks like you've headed north to explore Jasper Provincial Park.
    Nice picture of Athabasca Falls.

    Caledonia Grill serves a great portobello burger. Coincidently, it's just around the corner from the intersection of Cedar & Patricia.