Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Newlyweds First Day

We're having trouble finding Internet connectivity - so we haven't been able to post as yet, sorry! But we've made it to Tuesday! The sun is shining and there's a cool breeze, making life quite peaceful. Yesterday morning, around sunrise, Tim and I took a nice walk out in the woods (we spent the night at the "family" farm) - identifying plants and wildlife and observing the animals (goats, chickens, ponies, and a llama). After a yummy farm-fresh breakfast, we headed off to see what thrills we could get at a local amusement park - with rides and slides. From the top of the Ferris wheel we could even see where dad used to work. Timmy got queasy on the first ride - those flying saucers were too much (how do those 5-year-olds enjoy it?), so we were quite happy to stay on the less adrenaline causing rides. So, we're having a fabulous time, but I think I heard Tim say he was missing his tomatoes...


  1. wowy zowy my family and i, captain obvious, were planning to go down to silverwood today too!! (didnt make it obviously)......shoot, we would have ran into you guys, cuz obviously thats where you guys are....silverwood, because when you said " from the top of the ferris wheel we could even see where dad used to work" it clicked in my head that before it was an amusement park, it was an aerodrome......and Ken used to work there. well have fun you guys

  2. Dear Kyles,
    I see you stayed with our relatives, Al and Daryl Kyle at the Cedar Mountain Ranch in Athol Idaho. Did you know that Al moved out from Illinois in 1950 and he is related to the Illinos branch of the Kyles? (That is where our relatives came from before they immigrated to Montana.)

    I hope they gave you the family discount!

    I expect you are headed up to Fairmont or Radium Hot Springs, Banff, and Red Deer. We are looking forward to the pictures.
    Love, Jerry and Patti

  3. Sounds like you guys are enjoying your honeymoon. We like the pic. of Tim in the water. :) Continue to have a safe and fun trip! Shake, rattle and roll, Jeff and Cheri

  4. It would have been neat to see you guys there. We were surprised by seeing other people from Walla Walla in line for a ride.

    You guys are sure good guessers. We might have to make the hints a little tougher. Don't get too cocky though, we still have a few surprises.

    Jerry and Patti - How much research did you do? Geneology? Awesome!