Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Drive On!

This morning started with a bang! The Kyles left us a bottle of sparking apple/pear something or other in our room. While romantic, it brought on a terrible case of the burps! Tim and Laura both rattled the rafters. After a yummy breakfast, We packed up and jumped in the car. The Kyles waved goodbye as we headed towards our next adventure. We stopped for lunch at a Thai restaurant recommended by one of Laura's friends and found the food to be delicious! Laura's dad will be very jealous to hear that we shared a bowl of coconut ice cream with frozen jackfruit and sweet corn for dessert. It was almost gone before we remembered to take a picture!

We'd been searching for a wireless Internet connection the day before without any luck, so we were excited to share some bandwidth with some unsuspecting person while parked on Cedar St. On the road again, we realized it might be advantageous to buy a map. The gas station had no maps, but a friendly local sent us in the direction of the nearest town...Tim thought he said "Wannashukagrunyon" or something like that!!
We reached our destination and set up camp beside a lake named after the Indian word for "moose". We found ourselves in the midst of a thunderstorm with lightning splitting the sky above the jagged mountain peaks. What better time to warm up in a natural, uncommercialized hotspring nestled alongside a glacier-fed river? Laura got warm faster than Tim and beat him to a dip in the icy river - aaaah!!


  1. Timmy and Laura, I see you went to the Bangkok Cuisine Thai Restaurant in Sandpoint and then got a free wireless signal just around the corner.

    Since the word "moose" is an Indian name, I'm guessing you are at Moose Lake.

    If you go through Wetaskiwin, "hi" to our good friends Ken and Carolyn Taylor. Ken and I took engineering together at Wally World.

    A word of caution - If you do a little research you'll find that the words "Indian" and "Moose" were the last two words that Henry David Thoreau ever wrote in his blog. (its true!)

  2. Whoa! yes that ice cream sounds gooood! You will have to take us there sometime.

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time.

    Go for it!!!


  3. Hey, why didn't you invite us out for dinner at our favorite restaurant, the Bangkok Cuisine? We were there for Daniel's birthday last week with Alissa! But we would have come again.

    Have fun in the north country.


  4. Yikes! Nine bottles of bubbly to go! No, just 3! No pear, anyway! Forgot to give it to you before you exited! Love your pics! Aren't the mornings cold up north? Stay close in that mummy bag!

  5. I'm sorry we gave bad information. It named after the Latin name for moose, not the indian name. That should make things easier.