Friday, February 22, 2008

The Fridge-less Kyles

I was at work and got an emergency call in the middle of a meeting. "Timmy, something is banging and snapping and the house smells really bad!" "Alright honey," I respond, probably more panicked than she, "settle down, go turn off the main breaker, it's in the garage. The big one, yeah. I'll be home in a few minutes." I'm bummed out, after 3 years of working for the power company I haven't seen so much as a warm resistor. I'm sure that's a blessing. Recently I spotted a coworker headed home, white as a sheet. Turned out he had clipped a small innocent looking wire in a nearby substation and pulled it apart, drawing a several foot arc. Contrary to his expectations, it was still connected to a current transformer. I think he will vouch that even a 9V battery might be too exciting. A little detective work with my nose confirmed Laura's fears. The fridge was toast. There wires running into the compressor were discolored and the whole inside smelled of "magic smoke". It is a blessing to be the owner of 3 freezers. During this season most of the frozen fruit put up last summer has slid down the collective gullet of my family and plenty of room was found for the contents of the top, freezing, half. The bottom half of the fridge has occupied cardboard boxes and igloos on the back porch. It isn't entirely different from the old arrangement. Open the door, turn on the porch light, select your food from the nicely chilled out of doors and examine for bite marks from roaming neighborhood beasties. If all is clear, haul your catch indoors and enjoy! Laura is having the hardest time with this new arrangement. She has been figuring out how to avoid meal preparation for the next week while we wait for the new one to arrive. As a backup plan, I've been sent to obedience school for advanced studies in "fetch". If you see us this sometime this week, tongue hanging out or begging for a dinner invite, just remember, it will happen to you someday!

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