Saturday, August 4, 2007

Vacation Weekend - Two

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Tuesday afternoon the whole family (minus grandma and grandpa) meandered to the Trans-Canada Waterslides. By at the name, I thought theymust be very long. Laura told me they were named that because they were next to the Trans-Canadaian Highway (it's very long, eh).

My favorite slide was a tube ride in stages and lots of people went at the same time. Each stage started with a pool and ended with a slide that was accessed through a narrow notch. A strong current from the slide above circulated in the pool, making the access through the notch difficult. It was fast enough to be fun but tame enough to bring my camera.

The non-tube slides were crazy. Laura has an extra slick swimming suit that took a wild ride down the black hole slide. Half way down Laura went sailing over a drop so fast she missed the straight away and whomped her head hard on the next drop. Poor Laura got a bad headache and sat out the rest of the day.

On the way back to Hope, Laura started feeling typical symptoms of a concussion. Tingling fingers, nausea, sleepiness and by the time we got home she started getting loopy. When I asked her "What ingredients would you use to make Cornmeal Mush?" she said she would start with "Hot Sauce". With that I loaded up the car and started for the nearby border (insurance doesn't cover out of country care). Using Laura's dad's new GPS (very cool) we drove to St. Joes in Bellingham. By the time we arrived, Laura had decided that water and salt may be a better start for mush and after a good vomit felt much better. We hung around for awhile to make sure she was improving and drove back.

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