Sunday, June 15, 2008

What am I Up To?

Match Rocket 1Match Rocket 2Match Rocket 3
The outdoors is awesome right now! Warm sun, green trees, growing garden and occasional rain that keeps everything from being dangerously dry. This is the perfect time of year for playing with matches!

In our competition, the launch pad is elevated about 4 ft. The "Normal Class" rocket consists only of one paper match and tinfoil ignited by a standard butane lighter, Pete Sheidler holds the record for the farthest shot I've seen, (about 9 ft). The "Unlimited Class" is exactly that, unlimited. Multiple match heads, Mapp Gas ignition and smokeless powder have been tried. The unconfirmed (we never found the match) Unlimited record is nearly twice the "Normal Class" record. Most of the time "Unlimited" launches result in utter failure and occasionally a hole burned in the britches.

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