Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Dirt Slide

Dirt Slide 1Dirt Slide 4Dirt Slide 5Dirt Slide 6
When my brother and I were little and living in New Mexico we built dirt slides, a steep section of debris-free dirt perfect for sliding on our bums. We dug a ditch halfway down for more excitement and called it a butt-breaker.

While walking along the path near Rook's Park. I saw a little path leading off through the bushes. Low and behold on the other side was a dirtslide of mammoth proportions! The top was way above what can be seen in the picture. It even has a butt-breaker in the form of a small cliff seen in picture 2.

I looked at the hill for a second. Looked down at my khaki shorts with the bright green thread holding together what used to be a huge tear and let 'er rip. I heard one of my 2nd cousins who happened to be hiking near-by utter, "He's nuts!" No just reliving a legacy. It was just as much fun as I remembered it. Though my broken bottom isn't as resilient as its former self.

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