Saturday, May 19, 2007

T + 5 days (Will Peter's birthday be before daddy's?)

Happy Sabbath,

This morning we didn't make it to chuch. Laura isn't feeling extra social (at this point that is expected) and we are busy. Not having Peter mind you, but trying to have him! We purchased a vile of Castor Oil (misspelling intentional). Early this morning I mixed up a nasty cocktail for Laura with some orange juice and baking soda. After a few more hours of sleep, Laura woke up to discover it was remarkably effective. However she's still pregnant, just 4 lbs 5 oz lighter.

On a positive note Laura is nesting. Nesting and "day of rest" don't mix so we compromised and took a walk (Laura 3 cats, Tim 1 cat) followed by scrubbing the tub. Laura is now taking a nice, warm, relaxing bath while listening to the service at College Church and waiting for Castor Cocktail #2 to take effect.

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