Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Traditions

I've been looking at various ideas for Christmas Traditions. Here are some good ones I've found so far.
We take the children to a nursing home with cookies and songs to share.
Our family sets up the manger scene on December 1st, but we place the wise men on the other side of the house. Every day as Christmas approaches, our children move the wise men closer to the manger. It's fun to see where the wise men appear each day as Christmas draws closer. I've found them staring back at me in the shower, on the way down the stairs, and in the flour canister!
Every night select a Christmas Card and pray together for the family that sent it.
Of course, Christmas would not be complete without a good Christmas story:
I remember this story as read by Paul Harvey. I believe that Grandpa Kyle sent a tape recording to our family in Alaska when we were little.

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