Thursday, June 26, 2008

Laura and Tim's New Abode

Laura and I saw an ad in the newspaper that made us wish for the good 'ol days of camping. What was the ad for? A tent! Not one of those little 1 lb. pillow slip with stakes variety but a capital T-E-N-T! No ducking in this monster, the roof is well over 6 ft tall and floor space is measured in hundreds of feet. Want to park the stroller inside? How about a queen sized double height mattress? You'd still have room for the love-seat and crib! It even has curtain dividers to make rooms. The bears can enjoy the food left in the kitchen side of the tent separated from the terrified kids in the center partition while the parents blissfully sleep through the whole deal in their own room!

My faithful reader may ask, what would you do in a tent that big?

The answer of course is Surf the Internet*

*Did I mention it's got power and Wi-Fi? (when we are camping in the back yard)

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