Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Moving !?!?!

Tim has received an interview for a Communications Tech position in Ariel, WA. We are praying about what to do. It is a beautiful spot about 15 minutes east of Woodland. AKA Out in the boonies! I would be working on hydro-electric style communications and possibly PLC equipment. There is some possibility of employee housing availible at reduced rent, onsite. Otherwise I would be enough out of town that traffic wouldn't really be a big deal.
If we decide we're not interested or they decide they're not interested, we most likely will be transfered to Yakima at some later date. Yakima has the advantage of being more technically challenging work-wise and I'd be working as my own foreman with a great group of guys. However we would be forced to drop all the friendships we've made here in Vancouver and start over again in Yakima. We aren't very excited about this. Leaving our friends in Walla Walla in the years previous has been bad enough.
Please pray for us as we make this important decision.

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