Thursday, April 10, 2008

Parenting Mistakes: Lesson Number One

Today I experienced a first parenting blunder of magnitude. You know that little black rubber thing the separates the kitchen drain from the unknown filth and violence beyond? The one just big enough for last week's potato salad and the occasional utensil (silverware that has "lost its innocence" is thrown away in some cultures). Anyway, that little hole is just right for a baby food jar. What that hole isn't right for is sticking my big hand in there 400 times to remove every last shred of glass. Those little glass pieces plug up the works something awful. Instead of nice whirling and chewing noises, you get an angry buzz that pops the circuit breaker. I did eventually get all the glass out and yes it does still work, but next time it would have been easier to just replace it!

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