Friday, November 26, 2021

Murg Kari / Chicken Curry (Ruby Stahlnecker)

 In a heavy skillet, fry for 7 to 8 minutes:

    2T Oil

    1.5 cups Slivered Onions

    1T ground Garlic

    2.5t grated fresh ginger

Add the following masalas (spices), stir well and fry for another minute. Watch carefully as spices can burn easily.

    1 T Salt

    1 t Cumin

    1 t Turmeric

    1 t Ground Coriander

    1 t Cayenne Pepper

    1/4 t. ground fennel

    1T Water

Add and simmer 1/2 hour to blend the flavors. Longer is better.

    1/4 cup Water

    1 cup Chopped tomatoes (1 can of diced tomatoes)

    1/2 cup Plain yogurt (add it slow to hot mixture or it will hurdle)

    1 T Lemon Juice

    2 T Finely chopped fresh Cilantro

    1 t garam masala (Indian Curry Powder)


I feel that the most tasty is to use the frozen Worthington Chicken Roll slice in 1" slices and then cut each slice into 'bite-size' pieces. When this is not available, the canned Fri-Chik makes a good alternative. Sandi Hann makes 'chicken-like' tofu cubes that may work very well. 

This is primarily a 'family' size recipe-- I usually double or triple it as it is a favorite for our family.


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