Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Locked and Loaded" (16 Days 'til Peter's Post Pregnancy)

Sixteen days until Peter's due date. We got up early this morning (Sabbath) and took a walk while the sun rose over the hills and into the clouds. Peter has dropped noticeably from yesterday, making it even harder for Laura to bend over.
People ask if Laura has had any strange cravings. The answer is, not really. There was the Root Beer Float made with Hot Chocolate , but that was really good! The next best story are the cold refried beans Laura ate plain out of the can with a spoon but. I can't cry CRAVING too loud, it reminds me of my batchelor days. We have both been craving Dreyers "Whole Fruit" popsicles but that's not strange at all, those are good!
Aside from the growing belly and difficulty in exercise I'm still married to the same Laura. But there have been changes! Our library was once rated a very conservative "G". With the influence of racy books like "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" complete with 120 illustrations and "A Child is Born" (A Complete Pictoral Guide to Birth) we have probably landed at a solid "R".

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