Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"I Want to Have A Birth Story" (13 Days 'til Peter's Post Pregnancy)

We just got back from visiting the doctor. Now that we are in the final lap these visits happen weekly. We were told (after Peter kicked the Transducer, again) that Laura was posterior and dilated less than 1cm. Translation: Thanks for playing, come again next week. I'm afraid we emotionally budgeted for Peter to be early. Advice to other pregnant couples: Just take it one day at a time! This evening our friends Chris and Linda invited us to Indian Food. Laura slurped down two *mango lasses, a couple of *potato balls and several *curries. Poor hungry Tim scraped out a few leftovers off the rice and curry dishes. Laura continues to excel at finding cats as we walk through our neighborhood. We play this game on our walks, 1 point for every cat spotted. Pregnancy seems to add to her feline spotting acumen as she routinely spots twice as many cats as I do. The record for one walk is 11 cats. *each item subject to a 75% "Privilege of being Married to Tim/Sympathetic Pregnancy" tax.

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