Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Update

SLAP!!! Anticipation SNAG!!!
We finally broke out the camera for Ultimate Frisbee in College Place. We play every Sunday morning from 10:30am - noon, until we arbitrarily decide it is winter. This weekend was our biggest turn out yet (about 10). We have a good group of mixed talents and abilities. It keeps things exciting.

Sunday night, Laura and I took Peter on a strolling date with Emily and her parents. We walked to His Garden Bakery and picked up a muffin and yummy Blackberry smoothie. Dave has really done some work adding "bling" to their stroller, it has a horn, all sorts of lights, MP3 Player, license plate and of course a precious baby! I might follow suit and decorate for Christmas. If we ever finish unpacking.

Speaking of unpacking, the office is officially unpacked! We can sit on the couch and watch Internet TV if Laura's computer was working right. It took some creative hacking of a Linksys box to create a wired outpost for our wireless network, and a whole lot of cleaning up, throwing away and filing.

It's camping season and Laura & I have been working up to it. Isn't camping season all year? Well, this part of camping season brings fewer bugs, cooler weather and less competition for the swimming holes. Last night we attempted for the second time to sleep in the backyard. We just had all the details worked out and were drifting off when it started raining, HARD. Oh well, scratch that, dump the gear inside and jump in bed. Maybe next time.

Oh well, I'd better run off and brush my tooth. This morning I snuck into Peter's room. Looked over the crib rail and whispered "Good Morning". One whiff of daddy's morning breath and Peter pulled the blanket over his head.

Playing in the Fire (like father, like son)

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