Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fall Has Fallen

Earlier this week I was driving up through the mountains and took a rest stop near where Laura and I got engaged. It was snowing! Down the hills a bit, the shrubs are turning red and the tamaracks are starting to turn yellow. Here in College Place everything is still nice and green though shivering in anticipation of fall. The corn mazes are opening and people are putting up their Christmas lights for Halloween. Work is going well, between now and Christmas I will be spending a couple of days a week in Yakima. I'm trying to decide how to maximize the time spent driving. I'm thinking about learning another language, maybe Portugese, Farsi or something exotic. So if you see a guy in a big white Pacific Power truck wearing a Sombrero, a Nebuchadnezzar beard or a loincloth muttering to himself with a puzzled look, you found me! In a couple of weeks we are going to Bend for a week where I have training. Stay tuned for pictures of the midnight stroller ascent of South Sister! Somewhere along the way, we manged to crank 90 lbs of McIntosh Apples into frozen saucification. While not being the best eating apples, they make awesome sauce. We discovered a funny reaction that turns the applesauce pink when it is cool and green when it is hot. Anyway, Andies ran out of apples long before we had our winter's stash, but we are certainly closer! By the way, that stash has been sized for visitors, so come on over! Happy Sabbath, Tim, Laura & Peter

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