Friday, September 21, 2007

Tim the Delinquent Blogger

7:49pm It's Sabbath
Mental Picture: Peter's fan is in the distance. The squeak of swings and muffled laughter waft from across the park. The shower is running. The room is twilight the moon shining through the leaves, my face illuminated by the laptop screen.
It is great to be home again. Three days in Portland for training makes a person miss family. One night I was able to visit Larry Paise and his small group. The company required me to drive my work truck, it got lots of comments. In fact on the drive home, I was passed by some old friends headed toward Walla Walla. I caught up with them, honked and waved, but I don’t think they recognized me and got scared. Watch out for the crazed hairy guy in the big white pickup.
Next week we will be closing on our house. God has really blessed! We were able to move in early and as of this week, began to park both of our cars in the garage. Now all we have to do is find a place for our three bikes and Peter’s 3 strollers. Anybody want to buy a stroller? Please? Laura shot down my suggestion of putting stroller hooks in the master bedroom.
Anyway, it’s sleepytime, again Happy Sabbath.

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